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Meeting with Dmitry Glukhovsky in Warsaw (17 November 2011)

Recently (17 November 2011) we were at the meeting with Dmitry Glukhovsky in Warsaw's EMPIK., Dmitry promoted his the latest book "It's getting darker" ("Twilight"). The author was joking that it is not the same as well known the Stephanie Meyer saga "Twilight". At the meeting Dmitry promoted also Szymun Wroczek's "Piter" - book belongs to serial "Metro Universum 2033". We are reading this books now.
After introduction Dmitry answered the questions of the readers. Personally, we asked a question about the existence of the most enigmatic place in Metro - Emerald City. As we expected, Dmitry gave us evasive answers, that it is one of the romantic legends of the Metro.
Interesting thing was fact that the date in the title of "Metro 2033" is related with the date of Christ crucifixion - it's 2000 years after it. Dmitry said that this number is cool :) Next, Dmitry was signing his books.
And now we present you a photo story of the event:

1. A table with the date of the meeting.

2. Books :)

3. Dmitry was talking about his books and book of Szymun Wroczek. Unhappy, in the ledges, next to Dmitry's books there was not "Metro 2034" and "Twilight".

4. Happy Dmitry admitted that happens more often to promote their books in Warsaw than in Moscow. (On the right - translator)

5. Dmitry was listening questions from readers through translator and was playing with his microphone by rolling it on the table ;)

6. In that photo there are Monika and Damian (authors of blog post-apo-2012) and Dmitry.

7 and 8. Our own books with authographs from Dmitry: "Metro 2033", "Metro 2034", "Twilight" and "Piter".

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